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During our conversations we work one on one. We discuss what's on your mind, what obstacles stand in your way and how we can map out a route to bring about the necessary changes. Together we look for practical tools and solutions for your specific situation.

If necessary, we can discuss and decide on inviting your partner, parents or other relation(s) to participate in one or more sessions. 

Individual therapy

Rate: €55

Duration: 50 to 60 min

Do you want to receive counseling as a couple? Does it make sense that you sit down as a family to determine your common goals? Is it relevant to discuss things in group? 

Sometimes relationships and group dynamics run less than smooth. By including all people involved, we ensure that everyone is invited to contribute positively to improve the situation. Together we look for feasible solutions to the problems on the table.

Couple therapy

Family therapy
Group sessions

Rate: €70

Duration: 1h 15min


In addition to the usual sessions, it is also possible to receive other types of support. This can include discussions with third parties (school, employers,...), sessions on location, but also administrative support such as a detailed report. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. We start out with making things clear about what its is that you need, what is possible and the costs that are involved.

Formal report

School talk
Home visit

Rate: €55 per hour

Travel costs: €0.30/km

Duration: to be discussed


There is nothing worse than when you, as a parent, notice that your child is not feeling well. It is however not that easy for a child to put their feelings and ideas into words or to convey their opinions to the people closest to them. A therapist can offer them a listening ear and some new perspectives.
Numerous topics can be covered:

  • perfectionism      

  • performance anxiety

  • anger tantrums

  • conflict management

  • coping with stress

  • dealing with loss

  • anxiety

  • ...

Therapy doesn't necessarily have to be a serious conversation where you sit down opposite of each other. Together we explore the things that occupy your child's mind and the challenges they express to experience. This can be done in a variety of ways. We can draw a picture, build something, do relaxation exercises, play games together or even talk about things lying down in the grass staring at the clouds. Together we will decide on a form of therapy that suits your child and that makes them feel at ease. 


If you as a parent have doubts about how you can best support your child at home, parental support sessions can also be part of the process. During an initial meeting, we map out which challenges you and your child experience and how you can best deal with them in the following sessions and at home.


If you suspect that there are medical causes that need to be investigated or that other specialized help is needed, we will discuss this together and I will be happy to help you find the right care provider.


The road to adulthood is full of challenges. As a teenager you are constantly confronted with new situations and hard choices. What school will you go to? What do you want to be when you're all grown up? How do you deal with overprotective parents? How do you resolve a fight with your best friend? Sometimes you feel like you are bursting with questions but you can't find the right answers. During our sessions we look for answers and practical methods to deal with the questions you have concerning different topics like;

  • identity crisis

  • conflict management

  • anxiety

  • relationships

  • dark thoughts

  • coping with stress

  • dealing with loss

  • ...

You are the focus of our conversations. I am here to listen to you and map out your needs and challenges. In an atmosphere of safety and trust, we look for those things that you want and can achieve in life. You decide which steps we take and which people may be involved.  


Do you mainly experience challenges in dealing with your parents or school? If you want we can also sit down with your parents or school in order to come to a joint solution. If you suspect that there are medical causes that need to be investigated or that there are other things for which you should consult an expert, we will discuss this together and I will be happy to help you find the right healthcare provider.


Life is full of surprises. Some of them are very pleasant and memories that you will cherish forever. Sometimes however, obstacles appear on your life path that throw you off balance. Certain events in your life can have a strong impact on your daily functioning;


  • divorce

  • loss

  • stress at work

  • financial problems

  • disease

  • traumatic experiences

  • ...

Sometimes it is not things that happen to you that make life difficult, but you have certain questions about yourself and how you deal with others, situations or certain thoughts that you have. Your head may be full of questions and you may not be able to find the right answers to all the confusion that is clouding your head. You may experience challenges concerning:

  • perfectionism

  • anxiety

  • communication

  • addiction

  • establishing relationships 

  • anger and aggression

  • ...

As a solution-oriented therapist, I will work with you to see how you try to cope with the challenges in your life. We will look for the strengths in your current approach, but also for the strengths in yourself and your environment. On one hand we look at all the things that already help you. On the other hand we explore the thoughts and behaviors that could be substituted with a more healthy alternative. Every person and situation is unique, so it is the intention that we search together for concrete solutions that work for you and that you feel comfortable with.

contact me

Vlaschaard 11B, 9090 Melle  
Phone: 0474878918

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